Celebrity Elite hot tubs feature stainless steel jet faces for that bling, a larger 50 square foot filter on selected models, and energy-saving foam over plumbing insulation.  Optional features include in-line sanitation system for additional levels of water care treatment, plus full-foam insulation to keep water warm and operating costs down. Want some drama? Enjoy a light show with optional Twilight™ multipoint LED lighting. You can also get a great looking coordinated Elite step to dress up the look of your patio or deck.

Standard Celebrity hot tubs will perfectly suit your lifestyle with features and systems to make certain everything runs smoothly. But if you want to experience enhanced therapy and amenities, then an Elite version is your ticket to the red carpet! Seek out your inspiration for good, clean, American-made fun!


Century II jets are the epitome of relaxation. Stainless steel jet faces add extra bling. Fine-tune your hydromassage with adjustable and interchangeable jet inserts. A variety of jet combinations — including directional, multiport and rotating jets — deliver blissful hydrotherapy in each massage seat. A colossal Whitewater-4™jet is available on selected models.


By delivering as much water as possible at low pressure, Marquis hot tubs achieve deep muscle penetration without skin discomfort. Instead of feeling like pointy fingernails digging into your skin, causing an itching or burning sensation, Marquis high-flow therapy feels like the weighty palms of a skilled masseuse. All Celebrity Elite hot tubs benefit from this elegant approach to hydrotherapy, with a variety of models and options.


Depending on which hot tub you select, water flow may be channeled to one or both sides of the spa by means of a control valve. This allows for versatility based on the number of people or how much water flow you prefer. In two-pump models, each pump supplies one side of the hot tub, replacing the need for a control valve and allowing one pump to control water flow to each side.