DuraPRO-17 Air Source Pump



£5, 295 (£4,413 ex VAT)

When you buy an Air Source Pump from us with any new hot tub, we’ll install it free of charge.

Made in Belgium, the DuraPRO 17KW Heat Pump is suitable for all swim spas and Endless Pools.

Our DuraPRO Air Source Pumps heat water quickly and efficiently, saving you an average of 50% on your running costs.

By taking thermal energy from the air and using it to heat your hot tub’s water, they can produce four times more heat energy than they use in electricity. Using inverter technology, they can maintain temperature using a lower current, and heat water regardless of the outside air temperature, generating up to 5kw of energy for every 1kw of electricity used.

The inverter technology also means the fan doesn’t need to run often, as it keeps the temperature consistent. However, when it does run, it’s super quiet at around 35db (for comparison, a whisper is 30db).

They come in a variety of sizes, and are able to heat water to 40C – even in temperatures of -15C. We stock a range of sizes of Air Source Pumps – the DuraPRO-17 is recommended for all swim spas and Endless Pools.