Enhance your spa experience with these accessories


Shop aromatherapy products for your spa in a range of aromas, designed to soothe muscles, help you relax and more.

An image of two Life Spa Booster Seat packages near a spa

Booster Seats

Shop our range of booster seats featuring inflatable and non-slip options to suit all needs.


Keep your hot tub or swim spa in perfect condition with our range of spa vacuum cleaners.

Clips & Straps

Keep your hot tub secure and protected from the wind with our selection of cover clips and straps.

Cover Lifters

A cover is an essential accessory for any hot tub, and a cover lifter makes managing yours a breeze.

Towel Rails

Keep your towels clean, dry and within easy reach with a specially designed spa towel rail.

Spa Toys

Put some more fun into your spa experience with this selection of spa toys.

Drink & Snack Accessories

Shop our range of spa glasses, including wine glasses, tankards and more, as well as snack trays.