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At Welsh Hot Tubs, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most luxurious spa experience and the ultimate in customer service.

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Whether you want to relieve aching joints and muscles, improve sleep, or simply relax, an American Whirlpool® hot tub is a great choice, offering custom insulation, high-performance therapy jets and a range of styles.

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Marquis® Spas offers an incredible hot tub experience – including the ultimate in hydrotherapy. Get the hot tub of your dreams with a vast range of unique features, and create the perfect spa experience for your lifestyle.

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The Afon Range offers quality craftsmanship and outstanding water therapy at a reasonable price. Great for both business and domestic customers, it features American-manufactured spas that are highly energy efficient and cost effective.

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This high-quality hot tub is perfect for those looking for an energy efficient two-seater spa – whether that’s couples wanting an at-home spa experience or holiday lets who want a compact hot tub that needs fewer chemicals and keeps energy costs low

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Hot Tubs

Aside from refined beauty, each spa features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance, as well as a broad range of features, so you’ll be sure to discover the perfect spa to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Find out more about our Hot Tub and Swim Spa prices below.

SpaBerry SB3 Hot Tub

Small and portable spas

Have limited space? Shop our two-seater hot tubs, including the Afon Range Wyre for domestic or business use, the Tiny M wood-fired hot tub, or our portable SpaBerry range (pictured).

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Customise your spa surrounds

Once you’ve chosen your spa, it’s time to make it into your outdoor haven, with steps, cabinets, lighting, music and more. Check what features your spa comes with – and any extras you can add.

Hot Tubs for Holiday Lets

More and more holidaymakers  are now searching for holiday cottages with hot tubs, with many choosing a property that has a hot tub over one without.

With our selection of hot tubs designed specifically for business use, and meeting HSG282 guidelines, we feel sure we can find the perfect hot tub for your business needs.

With vast experience installing spas in hotels, holiday cottages, hobbit huts and even treehouses across Wales and the borders, we’re ideally placed to help you find the right hot tub for your holiday let.

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