Endless Pools

Make your own private home pool a possibility with Endless Pools. With easy installation and able to adapt to small spaces we have the option you’ve been dreaming of from Endless Pools. Explore options and packages below.

Endless Pools Original Swimming Pool Series Packages

Suitable for indoors or outdoors, Endless Pool’s Original Series has an adjustable current that means you can swim, exercise, relax and socialise.

Perfect for: fitness and therapy in a low-maintenance package

Endless Pools Waterwell Packages

A plunge pool, therapy pool and workout space in one, this compact option can be customised to suit your space. Has all of the benefits of the original series, just without the current.

Perfect for: fitness and therapy in a low-maintenance package

Endless Pools Streamline

Our most compact pool, this easyto-install option is affordable, modern and ideal for fun fitness and recreational swimming.

Perfect for: smaller budgets and spaces

Custom Made Pools

Endless Pool Performance Model

This custom-designed system uses two propellers, for a faster, smoother, and more efficient swim current, Wider and deeper than our standard swim system, it produces a top speed of 1:05/100-yard pace.

Endless Pool Elite Model

High-caliber swimmers will love the Elite Model, which has the fastest and smoothest current available in any swimming machine, with a 0:51/100-yard pace. It also offers a 7.5-hp motor and upgraded swim system, two underwater propellers and a larger 24″ x 18″ outlet

Dual Propulsion Model

With two independent swim currents, the Dual Propulsion Model is great for training side by side with a friend or workout partner. Sizing starts at13′ x14′ (standard), and goes up to 16′ x16.