Bull Large Pizza Oven only (Made in Italy)

Product information

Baking Stone 60cm x 60cm (W x D)
Chimney Stainless steel 316
Top & Back 304 solid stainless steel
Internal Top 2.55mm
Internal Bottom 3.00mm thick 441 Chrome/nickel steek
Top Powder coated anthracite
Dimensions 77.8cm x 85.5cm x 118cm (L x D x H)
CTN Length 0.89 Mts
CTN Width 0.83 Mts
CTN Height 0.63 Mts
CTN Weight 108kg 1 Pcs

Bull Large Pizza Oven only (Made in Italy)

The new Large Pizza Oven is wood-fired and built in Italy with solid welded construction: steel & electro galvanized steel.

Standard Specifications

Cutout Dimensions Width 814mm Depth 789mm Height 121mm

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