Chill Tub Pro Ice Bath





Power Supply: 13 Amp
Materials: Aristech Acrylic
Controls: Touchscreen controls with built in Wifi
Water Capacity: 700 Litre
Temperature: Settings as low as 3° degrees and as high as 40°
Dimensions exterior (LxWxH): 216cmx110cmx80cm
Interior tub length: 135cm
Weight: 125kg
Antifreeze Function: Prevents the formation of ice or frost
Ozone & Filtration: Built in ozone and filter system for clear water
Draining: Hose Pipe connection
Chill Tub Pro lifestyle

Chill Tub Pro

Designed for professionals, elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the Chill Tub Pro is ideal for those seeking the ultimate recovery experience. It has impressive features, durability and luxurious aesthetics that make it ideal for commercial environments, and offers the benefits of Chromotherapy, while the jets circulate the water to eliminate the thermal barrier. The spacious Chill Tubs Pro is designed to deliver high performance and style. Set the temperature as low as 3 degrees and as high as 40 degrees. No ice required. If you are serious about cold water therapy, the Chill Tub Pro is for you.

Note: Ice tubs are not suitable for everyone and can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for some individuals. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional.

A wonderful addition to your at-home spa

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