Troubleshooting Series – My Hot Tub Electrics Are Tripping

If the electrics keep cutting out, there are a few issues you could be dealing with, you may be able to tell by when it trips.

NOTE: Never try to make any electrical repairs yourself – always get in touch with your hot tub dealer or a qualified electrician who can advise. 

It Trips Immediately

If your hot tub trips straight away, as soon as it’s turned on, then it’s most likely this is an issue with the isolater, such as a faulty connection.

What To Do?

I this case, call a qualified electrician.

It Trips After a Few Minutes

If it’s not tripping immediately, but cuts off after a few moments, then i’s possible the heater is the problem.

What to Do?

In this case, contact your dealer/supplier to send a qualified technician to assess and see if you need a replacement heater.

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