Troubleshooting Series – My Spa Jets Aren’t Working

A hot tub isn’t much of a hot tub without the jets, and if yours aren’t doing the job, then it’s likely you’ll want to get it sorted asap. To figure out what may be wrong with your jets, it helps to understand how they work. On your hot tub, the pump, filters, heater and jets all work together to create the warm, bubbly spa experience you should expect.

The pump draws the water through the filters (keeping the water clean) and the heater (keeping it warm), and then pushes it out through the jets, which create the hydrotherapy experience.

The Jets Are Closed/Blocked

First things first, check that all of your jets are open and that there’s no obvious debris blocking the flow. If some, but not all, jets are working, it’s possible they’re just closed, so double check they’re open. Also check the diverter valves are turned to the right area – some hot tubs have a diverter valve that moves water flow between seats, so be sure it’s positioned in the middle/correctly, so flow is going to all jets.

The Filters Are Blocked

If in doubt, always check the filters. If your filters are blocked, this can mess with the flow of water through your pump, and cause all manner of issues, including heater issues, jet issues and so on.

To clean the filters, start by switching off the power. Remove the filters and soak in a filter cleaner (following the instructions on the pack), rinse and leave to dry before replacing. When you’ve replaced the filters, switch the hot tub back on and test the jets.

Be sure to clean your filters monthly (or weekly if you run a holiday let) and replace them yearly.

You Have a Buildup of Scale

If you live in hard water area, then it’s possible you have a build up of calcium deposits in your pipes or the jets themselves, which could be blocking the flow. Regularly testing the water hardness, and using a water softener such as anti-scale where necessary is a good way to prevent this.

The Water Level Is Too Low

If the water level in your hot tub is lower than it should be, then this can affect the jets’ function. If it’s looking on the low side, be sure to top it up and try the jets again.

You Have an Air Lock

If you’ve just drained and refilled your tub, there may be an airlock. This is when air gets trapped in the pipes or pump, stopping the water from circulating properly. Try taking the filters out, resetting the tub and running the jets on low for a few seconds, repeat a few times to see if it clears – but don’t do it for more than a few seconds as you don’t want to risk burning out the pump. If in doubt, or if the issue persists, contact your hot tub dealer who should be able to advise.

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