Ystwyth - Afon Range


Welsh Hot Tubs Standard Upgrades

Northern Lights Upgrade: £350
Holiday Pack: (OZONE, In-line dosing, Tamper Proof Controls, Fast Drain Down) £450
Cedar Skirt Upgrade: £200

Spa Price – £5,495

Welsh Hot Tubs Recommended Extras

Steps: £100
Cover Lifter: £250
Chemical Pack: £150
Delivery & Comprehensive Commissioning: £500

Total Package Including VAT – £6,495

Finance From:- per month with a 25% deposit 

Capacity/Seats: 5
Dimensions: 199 x 89cm
Jet Pumps: 15
Filtration: 1 filter
Water Capacity: 1060 litres
Weight dry: 280lbs/127 kgs
Electrical: 240v – 13 or 16 amp
Specifications: • Natural Cedar Skirt
• Colours Available:
Cedar and Eclipse (Silver Marble)
Cedar and Drift (White Marble)
Charcoal and Eclipse (Silver Marble)
• Foam insulation plus upgraded Northern wrap.
• Northern Lights package
• High flow stainless steel jets
• In-line sanitation
• Ozone pure sanitation
• Tamper proof control panel
• Fast drain down
• 2 speed continuous duty pump
• 2kw heater on smaller tubs
• 3kw heater on larger tubs
• Option to upgrade heaters for faster heat up times or downgrade heaters for electrical restrictions.
• 240v – 10 amp minimum if required.




You work hard, you play harder. You deserve the same intensity from your hot tub! The Ystwyth is a powerful hot tub designed to give you maximum hot water therapy. Immerse your body in swirling waves of hot water to soothe and repair your aching muscles. Set the jets to direct powerful massage to specific pressure points to relieve tension.

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Ozonators help sanitize hot tub water by destroying bacteria, viruses and biodegradable materials to help keep the water pure, clear and with that "feel good" quality.

Provides you with powerful water flow on high and low speeds while allowing you flexibility of installation and operation.


Additional LED Sconce lighting and LED footwell lighting for a beautiful nighttime ambiance.

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