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With idyllic rural views like theirs in Aberaeron, Ceredigion in West Wales, it is little wonder that Ray and Jan Williams were keen to swap the views of the inside of their local public swimming baths for the one that they now overlook as they swim alfresco in the warm water of their luxury LA Spas In-Fit swim spa.

They initially considered buying a small above ground pool and a separate small hot tub, but soon found the space and running cost implications were too high. After much deliberation they decided that a swim spa would tick all of their boxes, providing them with the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub, an energy efficient swimming facility and also address the potential problem of hogging too much space in their beautiful garden.

After deciding on a swim spa, they took around four weeks to decide on which model best suited their needs and budget. Ray and Jan told WhatSpa?: “It was a large investment for us and we wanted to make sure that we made the absolutely right choice for our retirement. It was also very important that we had complete confidence in our potential supplier, so we did lots of in-depth product research and analysis, including viewing and wet testing swim spas within West Wales.”

It was after a visit to Welsh Hot tubs, whose new showroom is nestled on a beautiful rolling hillside at Llangwyryfon, just outside Aberystwyth, that they set their hearts on an In-Fit swim spa, manufactured by LA Spas in sunny Southern California.

Ray explains their decision: “Probably the main reason for choosing the LA Spas In-Fit was Welsh Hot Tubs’ ability to supply and install the swim spa and manage the entire project from start to finish. We didn’t have to organise other trades people and we are confident that Steve will be on hand to support us and our new swim spa.”

Welsh Hot Tubs managed the whole project from start to finish and provided a full package including an attractive and sympathetically designed decked landscape.

The project included the supply of the In-Fit swim spa, ground clearance and excavation, laying a six inch thick reinforced concrete slab, building block retaining walls, installing drainage, and finally landscaping and decking the surrounding area.

The power supply had to be brought a considerable distance from the house to the swim spa’s isolator. The steel wire armoured power cabling was routed underground through the garden and across the driveway. The power supply was installed and tested by a Part P qualified electrician before the concrete slab was laid.

The concrete slab was a little trickier due to site constraints, so Welsh Hot Tubs staff had to ferry ready-mix with a mini dumper down a side footpath and through the garden. It is important to note that adequate drainage needed to be installed within the slab to allow any spilled water or rainwater to drain away to avoid ingress into the swim spa’s cabinet and components.

Once all major ground works were complete, the swim spa itself was delivered through an adjoining field with the consent of the farmer who also, very kindly, helped out with the project by lifting the swim spa over the fence and into position using his Manitou teleporter. The swim spa was located near a purpose built oak-framed lodge so that B&B guests could enjoy the experience and shower and change nearby.

Considerable thought was given to its positioning says Welsh Hot Tubs Managing Director Steve Baxter: “Positioning should be a major design consideration at the planning stage. In this case, it was positioned so that in the morning Ray and Jan can swim with the sunrise behind them, and not in their eyes; and in the evenings they can relax in the swim spa’s loungers and watch the sun set over the beautiful rolling and verdant Welsh hills. It was sunk partially below ground so that it would blend in better with the beautiful landscaped gardens, yet protrude enough for ease of entry. The semi-sunken design also allows guests to sit on the edge and socialise with whoever else is using the spa.”

All decking panels are designed to be easily removable around the spa in case of future maintenance or removal, which Steve Baxter says is also an important practical design consideration, and a big tip to anyone thinking of doing something similar. The rope rails around the deck make for a very attractive and complementary feature, and also act as an unobtrusive barrier around the deck, but keep the open feel and harmonise with the surrounding greenery and flora of the garden.

Steve says: “It was lovely to see the project come together as a partnership effort between us and the customer – a very rewarding experience, especially to see people who are so proud of their gardens so happy with the outcome, as the Williams family are.”

Ray and Jan now swim in their swim spa at least once a day for half an hour and often go in twice a day when they can. They no longer make the daily trek to the local public pool but enjoy the on-tap exercise and relaxation in their own garden.

They maintain the unit at 32°C, which they say is the perfect temperature for swimming, boosting it quickly via the In-Fit’s controls to 37°C, when they want to use the hot tub seating; and they say the water chemistry is very stable and easy to maintain and the spa is easy to keep clean due to its effective filtration.

Happily, they have also been pleasantly surprised with the In-Fit’s running costs. With an average usage of an hour a day, they say the electrical consumption has only amounted to less than £3 per day, which they feel is very reasonable when compared to the £3 per day admission to the local public swimming pool, money that they’re now saving.

The Williams family are so excited about the project that they have already been recommending their LA Spas In-Fit swim spa and Welsh Hot Tubs to everyone that visits. Indeed, Steve reports interest from the Williams family, friends and guests to the Sun House B&B has been outstanding.

Ray and Jan Williams
Ty Haf (Welsh for Summer House) Aberaeron, Ceredigion
West Wales


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