Endless Pools – The Benefits

Very few fitness activities can compete with swimming for the overall health benefits. Swimming works more muscle groups than almost any other form of exercise and burns as many calories as other aerobic sports but without the wear and tear on joints and ligaments. It is also an activity you can potentially enjoy all year, especially if your pool is installed inside a building.

With the convenience of having a pool at home, it is easier to fit swimming into your day. No driving, no leisure centre fees and no need to avoid the crowds. You’re free to swim whenever you like. Imagine how great it would be to make a 20 minute swim part of your morning routine, or to enjoy a relaxing swim before bed.

Whilst installing a traditional pool at home is not only impractical for many properties but also extremely expensive, installing a small modular pool with a counter current machine is proving to be a viable option for many who want to swim at home.

Endless pools’ are the leading manufacturers of this type of exercise pool which work by providing a constant adjustable current for the swimmer to swim against. Simple to install and easy to maintain an Endless pool can be installed inside an existing building or outside in the garden and with the water kept at a constant temperature it is ready to use whenever you like.

As well as swimming Endless Pools are also ideal for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, triathlon training, family fun and just pure enjoyment.

Our company Welsh Hot Tubs is a hot tub and pool retailer based just outside Aberystwyth and we are also the main dealer and installer for Endless Pools in North and West Wales.

For more information go to www.welshhottubs.co.uk and click on ‘endless pools’ or call us on 01974241642 to discuss your project.

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