Endless Pools vs Swim Spas: Which Should I Choose?

Endless Pool

Nothing says luxury quite like an at-home pool. If you’re in the market for one of your own, you’re likely researching different types to find the right fit. If so, you’ve probably come across Endless Pools and swim spas.

The first things you’ll likely be asking yourself is what is a swim spa, what is an Endless Pool, what’s the difference between the two – and which one should I buy?

What Is a Swim Spa? 

Marquis ATV Kona swim spaSwim spas are a combination between a pool and a spa, and are made by a variety of manufacturers – at Welsh Hot Tubs we stock a range of Marquis Spa ATVs (Aquatic Training Vessels) and American Whirlpool Swim Spas. 

Swim spas come in a variety of sizes, around 12ft at the lower end and around 20ft at the upper end, making them ideal for a range of spaces. They have powerful built-in jets that provide a current for you to swim against, while on the spa side, they have built-in seating with massage jets, much like a hot tub, where you can relax, socialise or enjoy a hydrotherapy massage. So, you get many of the exercise benefits of a pool alongside the relaxation benefits of a hot tub.

Swim spa highlights:

  • Variety of sizes, so suitable for a range of spaces
  • Install indoors or outdoors
  • Space for relaxing, socialising and hydrotherapy
  • Powerful jets create a current to swim against for training
  • Option to attach aquatic exercise equipment, such as tethers and treadmills
  • Spa-style look and feel

What Is an Endless Pool?

Endless Pool

Endless Pool actually refers to the propellor mechanism that creates the current, and this manufacturer offers a variety of models, including the classic Endless Pool, the Waterwell and the Fastlane (visit our Endless Pool page for more details on each).

Much like a swim spa, an Endless Pool provides a continuous current for you to swim against. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces, versus a traditional pool, because the current means you’re essentially swimming in place, so you can get the exercise benefits without needing a large area to swim lengths. Unlike a swim spa, though, when Endless Pools are designed to look like traditional swimming pools, and are more swim focused. That doesn’t mean you can’t still relax in one, but it will be more like a pool experience than a hot tub experience, and the pool part of it will need to be designed and built by your dealer.

 Endless Pool highlights:

  • Modular design means it’s suitable for almost all spaces
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Powerful jets to swim against, plus aquatic training options 
  • Great for strength training, as well as improved flexibility, balance and mobility
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Pool-style look and feel

What’s the difference?

Endless pools and swim spas offer a lot of similar benefits. The main differences are:

  • Usage: Endless Pools operate as dedicated pools, whereas swim spas are a hot tub-pool hybrid. 
  • Look and feel: Endless Pools tend to have more of a traditional swimming pool look, whereas swim spas tend to have a shell and jets like a hot tub.
  • Versatility: The surround for your Endless Pool is designed to suit your space, whereas a swim spa is delivered as-is in one piece. You can choose from a range of sizes, though.


As with most large and c

ustomisable purchases, the prices depend on a range of factors – from the size, make and model to the number of accessories/customisations. But here’s a rough guide below to give you an idea of how much each might set you back:

  • Swim spas – from £21,995
  • Endless Pools – from £39,995

Don’t forget to factor in running costs when choosing a swim spa or Endless Pool. Similar to hot tubs, there’s also the cost of electricity and maintenance to consider. Of course, the bigger the pool you choose, the more you’ll spend in electricity, maintenance and chemicals.  

If you’re thinking of buying a swim spa, it could be worth investing in an Air Source Heat Pump or insulated and automated Covana cover to keep energy costs low. 

Endless Pool vs Swim Spa – which one is right for you?

These are both great products, so the one you should choose depends on how you plan to use it. As with any big purchase, the decision should start with your ‘why’.

Overall, both of these products let you have a bit of everything – swimming, relaxation, hydrotherapy and socialising – just in different measures. Both can both be customised in a variety of different ways, so you can choose the ideal set up for your needs.

Choose an Endless Pool if…

  • You want the look and feel of a traditional swimming pool
  • You have specific customisation in mind for the surrounds

Choose a swim spa if…

  • You want a hot tub and pool experience in one
  • You have a slightly smaller budget 

Bottom line

If you want the benefits of a hot tub and swimming pool, then a swim spa could be best for you, giving you the best of both worlds. If, on the other hand, you want more of a traditional pool set up, or if your focus is purely on swimming (over, say, relaxation and socialising), then an Endless Pool might be best.

For advice on swim spas or Endless Pools, or to book a showroom visit, get in touch online or call 01974 241642.

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