Hot Tub Accessories Guide 

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, then chances are you want to make it your own. There are loads of accessories to choose from that can enhance your spa experience, but, with so many on the market, you may be asking yourself which extras you actually need, and which ones will give you the look, feel and spa experience you desire. Read on for our breakdown of all the accessories you might need to take your spa to the next level.

The essentials

Spa extras fall into a number of categories – from the fun and the frivolous to, in this case, the functional. While most of the accessories on this list are nice-to-haves that will make your spa uniquely yours and enhance the overall experience, in this section we’ll be looking at the ones you really shouldn’t go without if you want to make your spa as easy to use as possible. 


If you have an above-ground hot tub, then steps are an essential addition to make sure you can get in and out of it safely (and with your dignity intact). If you don’t fancy awkwardly clambering over the side of your hot tub, then a good set of steps is a very worthwhile investment, and it will also make sure children or anyone in the family who is elderly or has mobility issues will also be able to enjoy a dip. Good-quality steps should be non-slip and water resistant. There are a variety of styles to choose from depending on your spa and the look you want.

Cover lifter

Your hot tub experience should be a relaxing one that shouldn’t include having to wrestle with a bulky cover every time you want to use it. A hot tub cover lifter will make sure this doesn’t have to be a part of that experience. Even though most quality hot tub covers are now lightweight and designed to last, investing in a cover lifter will mean your cover is far less likely to suffer damage, helping it to last longer, and will also take all of the effort out of removing and replacing it. 

Practical and stylish

If you wish, you can make your hot tub into an entire experience with surrounding accessories that can ensure privacy, protection or even just the look and feel you want from your at-home spa. 


These come in a range of shapes, styles and designs, but can be a great investment if you’re looking for added privacy, want a luxury aesthetic or customisation, or are simply looking for shade from the sun. Covana covers, for example, are automated gazebos that  come in a variety of designs, have LED lighting for a soft atmosphere and retractable shades wth a range of motifs to protect from the sun and wind, while giving your spa the aesthetic you want.

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Towel rail

There’s nothing like having a fresh fluffy towel or robe to step into after soaking in your spa, especially on a cool day, and a towel bar or rail is a convenient way to have them to hand when you’re taking a dip. This version can be attached to your hot tub and folded down when not in use, keeping your towels clean, dry and close at hand.

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Spa umbrella

If you want to choose between sun and shade, then a spa umbrella could be a great choice, giving you the freedom and flexibility to switch between the two. 

Booster seat

An image of two Life Spa Booster Seat packages near a spaYou will likely have chosen your spa to be perfect for your height, but if you have guests who are shorter or if you have kids using the hot tub, then an inflatable booster seat is a great way to ensure they also have a comfortable experience using your spa. There are a few to choose from, but most are easy to inflate with water using a hose and will have suction cups to keep them in place. 

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Atmosphere and entertaining

If you enjoy entertaining – or just want to create the perfect spa environment – then these will set the mood and ensure food, drinks, music and more are taken care of.


Lighting sets the mood, and there are a number of ways it can be used in your hot tub – from floating lighting to LED coasters, backlit fountains and pedestal lighting. The lighting you choose will really set the scene for night bathing, and will add an air of holiday relaxation to your hot tub experience. Some spas come with lighting, while others allow you the option of adding a design of your choosing. Either way, it’s worth considering if you want to set the right atmosphere. 

Music systems

Bluetooth music systems mean you can set the mood any way you want – whether that’s with relaxing, ambient music, or something more lively if you’re in the party spirit. Some spas come with bluetooth as standard, while others allow you to add it to your package.


Many hot tubs come with built in coasters, but if you’re entertaining and want space for more drinks, as well as snacks, then a tray or table could be a great addition. If you want to take your entertaining to the next level, there are a number of types to choose from – including floating bars, attachable tables and clip on trays.

Shatterproof spa glassware

Spa glasses

From coloured goblets and glasses to tankards, jugs, champagne buckets and even LED flutes, there’s a whole host of spa glassware on the market. If you enjoy entertaining – or just want Champagne for two on ice as you soak in your spa – then break-proof glassware is a must-have investment.


Transform your hot tub into a tranquil haven with spa-safe aromatherapy crystals and liquids. Whatever your mood, there’s an aroma to suit, with the likes of zingy ginger, fresh mint and clean green tea liquids. Or try therapy soak crystals to soothe your aches and pains. 

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Bug repellent

Aside from the standard aromatherapy fragrances on offer, if you want to keep bugs at bay – and have a citrus-scented hot tub, then try a citronella fragrance. 

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Waterproof toys and games

There are plenty of cute toys on the market to keep the kids entertained. From waterproof playing cards to magnetic board games or classic pool and bath toys, such as rubber ducks, there are plenty to choose from.

Time saving cleaners

Keeping your hot tub clean and debris-free shouldn’t be a chore, and there are plenty of products on the market that can help to keep your efforts to a minimum.

Spa vacuums

A quick and easy way to remove debris or grit from your spa, a spa vacuum will suck up any fine grains of dirt that may build up on the floor of your spa, keeping it cleaner and clearer for longer with minimal effort. 

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Extendable pole

An extendable spa pole is a handy tool for cleaning – especially if you have a larger swim spa – allowing you to get to hard-to-reach places without getting wet. Attachments such as nets and brushes can be used to scoop up large debris that may blow in, such as leaves and twigs, and scrub any tricky areas.

Scum sponge

Scum sponges can absorb a lot of weight in oils, creams and cosmetics, reduce contaminates and stop them from clogging your filter. They also help to prevent scum lines from appearing on your tub’s shell, cutting the need for scrubbing and keeping your hot tub looking fresh.

Want to know the maintenance essentials? Be sure to also check out our hot tub maintenance guide for advice on chemicals, test strips and more. 

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