Install a Hot Tub and Boost Your Holiday Cottage Revenue

If you are a holiday cottage owner in Wales and want to give your property the ‘edge’ then a hot tub could be a great investment.

 Add to your property’s Unique Selling Point

You have probably already identified your property’s Unique Selling Point, for instance it may be a traditional Welsh cottage complete with log burning stove or a contemporary property that accommodates a large family, but whatever is your property’s USP, installing a Hot Tub is a great way to strengthen the appeal of your holiday home.

“We receive huge interest in properties with hot tubs and those properties enjoy higher bookings as a result.  Guests enjoy relaxing in the hot tub as it is something they may not have at home.  ” Best of Wales

Appeal to a wider market

More and more people are now searching online specifically for holiday cottages with hot tubs and there are many more people who are more likely to choose a property which has a hot tub over one without. Hot tubs have a wide appeal whoever your potential guests may be.

Extend the rental season

Installing a hot tub at your property could help to boost out of season bookings. A hot tub can be used all through the year and could be a real selling point during the colder months. For instance what could be better than soaking in a hot tub after a crisp winter walk or the wonder of a clear night sky from the comfort of warm bubbling water!

Get repeat bookings

If your guests have a memorable and enjoyable time on their holiday then they are more likely to book your property again the following year or recommend to family and friends. A hot tub can add another dimension to your guest’s enjoyment of your property and can be a real talking point.

Things to consider

Welsh Hot Tubs will always strive to give our customers the best advice when choosing a hot tub so there are a couple of things you may want to consider before deciding if a hot tub is right for your property.

Breakdowns and Breakages

It is quite likely that parts of the tub will get damaged through misuse or wear and tear. When choosing a hot tub for your holiday cottage it is probably advisable to steer clear of built in stereos, waterfalls and any other additional features that could be broken. We would also recommend fitting a cover lifter so guests can easily remove and replace the cover.

Breakdowns can also happen and can be very disappointing for guests especially if they booked the property primarily for the hot tub.

It is important to build a good relationship with your local hot tub supplier, as your local dealer Welsh Hot Tubs will always strive to give you the best service and repair any breakdowns that may occur during the rental period.

Maintenance and water testing

If not maintained correctly, hot tubs can pose a health risk to your guests.  It is vital that there are rigorous systems in place for regular water treatments.  The hot tub will also need to be drained and refilled regularly which may take several hours.  Buying from a BISHTA certified company such as Welsh Hot Tubs will ensure that you and your staff are trained correctly in water treatment and maintenance of your hot tub.

Other information
BISHTA – Are the British and Irish spa and Hot tub association who are concerned with promoting high standards of safety, enjoyment and value within the industry.

They also have a section of their website dedicated to holiday homes where you can access a range of informative factsheets.

Installing a hot tub at your holiday cottage is a great way to boost your holiday cottage revenue and the enjoyment of your guests, if you would like to find out more about installing a hot tub at your holiday cottage then we would be more than happy to discuss the right option with you. Click here to contact us or call 01974 241 642.

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